Here is a list of products and services I currently use. Some of the links below are affiliate links and I’ll receive a small amount for you purchasing the product or service through them.

I only recommend things I use and love myself 🙂

Bulb energy

Time to switch your energy supplier and get £50 using this link.

An excellent app and fair pricing. All advice points towards switching regularly and Bulb make it a very simple process.

American Express

You may be aware of Amex and have seen their adverts. I was aware for many years but never explored what they offer. I wish had started using them years ago.

I can strongly recommend their Platinum card. Yes, it has an annual fee but it pays for itself in no time. Travel insurance, lounge access, hotel upgrades and more. The customer service is also exemplary with help available 24/7.

If you use this link >> clickety click << you get 35,000 free Amex points which is pretty darn good.


If you want super-tasty, plant-based food which is good for you and the planet, then look no further than Allplants!

Frozen dishes delivered. Just the thing when you want something quick and nutritioud with no fuss.

Get £20 off your first order here!


I’ve used FreeAgent since 2009 for all my business accounting. I don’t know what I would do without it. The support is incredible – email replies on weekends within minutes for example plus someone in Edinburgh at the end of the phone if needed.

From tax returns, banking integration, time-tracking and invoice reminders, it has you covered.

You can get 10% of your subscription here. Highly recommended.


My favorite project management software which I’ve been using for nearly ten years. Check it out here.

Jason and David have also written one of my favourite books.


The world’s finest endurance nutrition which tastes blooming amazing and is not full of utter rubbish, just natural ingredients. I interviewed the founder in podcast episode and you can buy some here.


A challenger bank doing great things. Join now and get a fiver!

Increasingly impressed with Monzo. Their app is a joy to use, so many useful features and excellent data to get on top of your finances. Not to mention savings pots, shared accounts, split bills… The older banks should be worried.


If you want to manage your email more effectively than Sanebox is THE solution. SaneBox distinguishes between crucial & unimportant messages, avoids distractions, has Do Not Disturb, banishes annoying senders, and reminds you to followup. Get $5 off here.

Cloud App

I use this every day without fail. So useful for sharing screenshots, files, videos and also does excellent webcam recording. One of my essential items in the sofware toolbox. Get it here.


Hasbean and The Blending Room. Excellent coffee, wonderful people.


Cannot recommend AirPods enough. They just work. Beautifully.


Join HelloSign and get 1 extra document free. It’s the easiest way to sign & send documents and you get three free signatures every month.

Casper Mattress and Glow Lights

I’m a big fan of Casper mattresses. I got one of the first ones in the UK a few years ago. They’ve recently expanded their products to include furniture and also lights.

Their Glow lights are superb. I ordered two and they arrived the next day via UPS. Setup was a breeze. Plug in, download the app and connect. Done.

You can choose the level of brightness, how long the dimming period is and also connect them in pairs. To turn them on, you flip one upside down. We then have 45 minutes of dimming until they turn off. 

In the morning, they will slowly get brighter until the desired time is reached (again, set via the app).

If you do need a new mattress, click here to get £50 off.

Who gives a crap

We all use loo roll, don’t we? Well, actually some people in the world don’t.

Some people don’t even have proper toilets.

So, there’s an easy way to contribute to helping people.

Stop buying normal loo roll and buy Who gives a crap.

The more people they’re able to reach, the more toilets they are able to build. Feel good when on the loo!

Get £5 off your first order here.


Sleeknote is one of those pieces of software you wished you found a long time ago. It’s *the*best option for lead generation on your website.

Connect with your website visitors, guide them and engage them, all using Sleeknote.

Get a free trial by clicking here now!

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash